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Web Packages

"Get a website for your company, project, or group. E-commerce, online forum, database driven or just a simple site - you name it. Choose some of our packages or try our estimate form."

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Online Business Card - $50

Illustrated page presenting the most important facts about your company, as well as your contact information, logo, and links to other places of interest.

Basic Package - $150

Together with you, we will develop a small web of up to five pages, each describing a particular service, department, or other aspect of your company. They will have a consistent design and easy to use navigation system.

Intermediate Package - $300

Same as TWO Basic Packages PLUS some dynamic (JavaScript) HTML and animation for the visitors with modern browsers, and an online form for comments or orders, sent to you by e-mail.

Advanced Package - $500

Same as TWO Intermediate Packages PLUS a CGI script that saves the results of your online form into a file on the server. You can still receive the results by e-mail as well, but you will also be able to see and edit them through a password protected online form. This can be turned into an opt-in newsletter or something similar with no extra charge. Your visitors can then have a choice of receiving a newsletter with, let's say, news about your company, or only individual e-mails connected with their request or order.

Additional Services - $20 per hour

If (and when) you decide to make your site even better, richer, database driven, or you just decide to add some extra script, we will offer you a great deal. Most of the things you may ask we have done already. Try us - you will be surprised to see how many things can be done in one hour!

For example, you may order:

  • Database integration (PHP and MySQL)
  • Search engines submission
  • Counter, Message board, or any other script
  • Password protected forms for content updates
  • Integration of dynamic content (news, etc.)
  • Shopping cart
  • Logo design, image scanning and editing

All our offers are customizable. If you do not feel that one of these packages suits your needs, simply write to us. Our goal is same as yours - to get your business online quickly and efficiently.

Baltok Web Design Studio
Baltok Web Design Studio

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