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About: Vlatko Mitov, founder.
Vlatko Mitov, founder.

Vlatko Mitov is a co-founder of the first Macedonian extranet - "PlugIn" (1997), board member of the "Association for the Development of Information Culture", writing articles for a few computer and ecology magazines, webmaster of many web sites and co-founder of PlugIn computer magazine. He is also a member of Environmental Press Center, association of journalists working in the field of ecology.

Mr. Mitov actively participated in the formulation of the initial editorial concept for magazine "An outlook of New Zealand and Australia", developed advertising sales strategies, and implemented several new marketing techniques.

He holds a Bachelors Degree in computer information and technology. Graduated 1994 at the University of Electronics in Nish, Yugoslavia. Finished a course for photographic journalist and became a member of Macedonian Journalists' Association.

Today he is working as a computer consultant, and as a member of a journalist team working on environmental problems in Macedonia. He is a specialist for Internet Networking, Web Design, Network Systems, and E-Commerce.

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