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About: Svemir Brkic, founder.
Svemir Brkic, founder.


Web Systems Developer, Symplicity Corporation
2003 ~ Present, Arlington, VA

  • Designed, developed, maintained, and documented various web-based systems using PHP, Java, MySQL, Oracle, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript technologies.
  • Developed information managment systems and automated PDF generation with PHP systems on Linux and Solaris using MySQL and Oracle as backend.

System Analyst / Developer, B2E Consulting Engineers, P.C.
2002 ~ 2002, Leesburg, VA

  • Optimized and further developed company's database.
  • Developed an intranet (ASP) interface to the database.
  • Redesigned company's website (www.b2epc.com)
  • Created a password-protected clients area for file-exchange over the web.
  • Converted existing Excel applications to JavaScript for intranet and Internet.
  • Streamlined various network and office tasks.

Web Developer, Freelance,
1997 ~ present, Worldwide

  • www.newworldencyclopedia.org (New World Encyclopedia) - Customized MediaWiki software and setup various server components. Optimized for scalability by employing various caching techniques and thttpd server for static files.
  • www.paragonhouse.com (Book publisher) - Redesigned a cumbersome JavaScript shopping cart into a fast server-side PHP system. Made a search engine and a keyword extractor. Simplified editing and maintenance. Reduced the size of most files by 50%.
  • www.iifwp.org (International NGO) - Restructured and redesigned a large site (over 200 static web pages.) Communicated with several offices to create forms for upload, editing, translation, scheduling, registration, and newsletters.
  • www.baltok.com (Web design studio) - Used PHP, CSS, XML, SSI, JavaScript, and C++ to create applications for news parsing, browser recognition, etc.
  • www.icus.org (International NGO) - Simple, elegant solution for a small site.
  • www.usteda.com (Croatian website) - Created Perl and PHP/MySQL scripts for opt-in newsletters, bringing hundreds of subscribers from a relatively small market. Optimized various other Perl scripts - increased security, removed redundant code, and setup cron jobs for periodic activities.

Contributing Editor, PlugIn Magazine
1999 ~ 2001, Skopje, Macedonia

  • Wrote articles about Java, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, and XHTML.
  • Participated in founding and management of the magazine.


Web Design & Development (10+ years)
Design and implement both server and client side of a website, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, SQL, ASP, etc. Able to fine-tune a site for speed, usability, and cross-browser compatibility. Create or optimize any web-based application.

Web Master (10+ years)
Maintain the site in top shape at all times. Analyze log files to improve usability and exposure to search engines. Use htaccess files and other means to avoid broken links and lost visitors even after a total reconstruction of a site. Experienced with NT/IIS, Linux/Apache, and Solaris/Zeus.

Java (2 years)
Create applets that interface with web pages via JavaScript, servlets for efficient server-side tasks, and other kinds of Java applications - all fine tuned for optimum performance.

Macromedia Dreamweaver & Fireworks, Alaire HomeSite, Adobe Photoshop & ImageReady, Corel PhotoPaint, Microsoft Visual Studio, various Open-Source tools on both Windows and UNIX platforms.

Education and Certificates

BS - Computer Information Systems
September 2000 ~ March 2002. Strayer University. GPA 4.0/4.0
Honors: President's List - January 2001 until completion.
Relevant Courses: System Analysis and Design, Software Engineering, Object-Oriented Programming, Visual Basic, MS Access, Oracle PL/SQL.

Various College Courses
1992 ~ 1996. "Sv. Kiril i Metodij" University, Skopje, Macedonia.
Programming Languages, Programming Methods, etc.

Dynamic HTML and Master JavaScript Certificates
July 2001. Brainbench.com, Top 9% results (ID 1015401)


Baltok Web Design Studio
Baltok Web Design Studio

Svemir Brkic
Founder and Web Developer at
Baltok Web Design Studio
phone: +389 (0)2 636626
mobile: +389 (0)70 561898
web: www.baltok.com
mail: [email protected]
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